Monday, October 13, 2014

Ultrasound Update!

I had my monthly ultrasound appointment today. As always, I was nervous right before going. It's not that I think anything is ever wrong, but because it's such a HUGE responsibility to carry someone's precious children, I'm always nervous before my appointments.

I Skyped with the papas, even though it was 1am there time they still stayed up to see their babies. After the ultrasound, my Dr. came in and talked with us. Baby girl is 3lbs, 10oz and baby boy is 3lbs, 12oz. She said their weights are great! Baby girl is back in breech position and baby boy is still transverse laying across my belly right under my breasts. That explains why I have to catch my breath at times, he's right on my diaphragm!

We have a good 4 weeks or so to get baby girl to move head down. As long as she's head down, I'm good to go for a vaginal delivery. If she's not head down by 35 weeks, we will schedule a c-section around 38 weeks. We will continue to check on her position each week. Crossing my fingers that she flips. I will be trying everything I can naturally to help her turn.

I start the Nonstress Test (NST) next week and will continue to do them every week until 36 weeks then it will be twice a week until the babies are born. It still amazes me how fast time is going. I can't believe I'll be 31 weeks on Thursday. My doctor thinks the time frame when the fathers arrive is good timing, I'll be 36w5d then. The goal is 38 weeks!

Cheers to another good appointment! 

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