Wednesday, August 20, 2014

N & F are in Portland!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending half of the day with N & F. Our trio got to meet them for the first time. It took them a little while to warm up to them, but once they did the girls wouldn't leave them alone! (in a good way)

We went to my ultrasound and Crystal, my Doula & friend met us there. She met the guys for the first time and sat in with us during the ultrasound. The ultrasound went beautifully. Both babies are doing great and growing well. Baby B, the boy is measuring a little bigger but he has been this whole time so it wasn't a surprise. Both babies are over a pound each! They got some great photos of both babies to take home with them.

We took them to Benihana's for dinner. We thought it would be fun and entertaining for them and the kids. They've never been to Benihana's before and really enjoyed it. Before we ordered, they gave gifts to us and the kids, so sweet! The kids loved their gifts. After dinner we took them to Lake Oswego and we walked around and took some photos. Then we took them to Tryon Creek to go for a little hike. Even with a maxi skirt and flip flops on, I made it! It was a lot of fun and heart warming to seeing N & F with the kids. So many smiles and laughs throughout the day. They are going to be amazing fathers! The babies are so blessed to have such loving papas. I'm so excited for them!

A little collage I made that sums up our day together. 8/19/14

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Any Difference?

So I thought it would be great to post about the number one question people ask me which is, "Do you notice a difference carrying twins versus one baby?"

Yes and no. Going into this journey, I knew carrying more than one baby had more "risks". So I almost feel like I'm overly cautious with this pregnancy because of that. I'm definitely more tired and feeling "big" already at 21 weeks (tomorrow!) but other than that, there hasn't been much difference.

There's definitely a party in my uterus though. Every night when I lay down for bed, both babies just start dancing away. They must know I'm trying to sleep. =)

I'm excited that in less than two weeks the papas will be in Portland visiting!!! I'll be sure to update and let you all know how it goes.