Friday, June 6, 2014

Officially OFF of meds & Ultrasound!

Today I am 12 weeks & 1 day along with the twinies. My last day of medication was yesterday, YAY! What an awesome milestone to be done with.

This morning I had my Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound. We dropped the kids off at our daycare lady and headed to my appointment. We didn't realize how long this appointment would take, but it was all for good reason. We Skyped with one of my IF's during the ultrasound.

The ultrasound tech performed my ultrasound. She got Baby A's measurements easily, but Baby B was right under my belly button and she was having a hard time getting good photos of him. I say "him" because she said she thinks baby B is the BOY and baby A is the GIRL. We'll find out for sure at my next ultrasound on July 11th. 

All looked great! Baby A is measuring 12w4d and Baby B is measuring 13w3d. Both babies are growing and thriving well. Chances of chromosomal abnormalities are very low for both babies.

I feel like this pregnancy is going by pretty quickly. I'm so excited to spend some time with my IF's in August when they come for a visit. I'm feeling pretty good, slight headaches and minimal nausea. I think I'll be feeling even better now that I'm off of medication.

Photo Credit: Elora babe, my 4yo