Friday, November 14, 2014

35 weeks!

My "stay positive" face!
11/14/2014 - 35 weeks & 1 day
Cheers to 35 weeks! Flip baby girl FLIP!! Next appointment is on Monday. Hoping to hear that she's now head down. She's been very active and I've felt a lot of big movements. *Crossing my fingers* Will update on Monday.

Happy Friday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Surrobabies Growth Update!

Today's appointment was about 3 hours long. I had a non-stress test (NST) plus a growth ultrasound to check on the babies. I'm 34 weeks and 4 days strong.

Baby girl weighs approximately 5 lbs, 11oz. And baby boy weighs approximately 5lbs, 14oz. I say approximately because ultrasounds are not always accurate. I know they will be good sizes when they are born though, which is awesome! Baby girl is still breech and baby boy went from transverse to head down. I know there's still time for her to flip. My doctor gave us a 10% chance of her turning at this point. I'm holding faith I'm in that 10%! I've been seeing my chiropractor every week, getting prenatal massages every two weeks, will see an acupuncturist tomorrow, moxibustion, spinning babies techniques for twins, and envisioning her flipping head down.

Both babies passed the NST and everything else looked great on the ultrasound. They have a lot of fluid to move around. I had a couple contractions during the NST which was a first for me. My body is just getting ready for the big debut.

I'm definitely feeling a lot more tired lately. The weather has cooled down completely and it's now winter weather here. My weekly appointments will soon be two times a week when I get to 36 weeks. I'm thankful that the babies are cozy in their wombspace and aren't trying to come early. They just need to stay put until their fathers arrive in a couple of weeks.

Grow babies grow!

Friday, October 31, 2014

33 weeks - Happy Halloween!

I scored this super cute shirt from another local Mom who was pregnant with twins last year.

Wow. I can't believe I'm 33 weeks along right now with my surrobabies. Time is going faster as we get closer to my due date. Everything is going really well. Just the normal aches and pains that comes with being pregnant, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I've been seeing my Chiropractor Dr. Sarah Conroy every week for the past few weeks to help the babies get into a better position. Last Monday, baby girl was transverse and baby boy was still transverse. So baby girl went from breech to transverse since we last checked. I'm really hoping baby girl will go head down and stay that way until I go into labor. IF she doesn't go head down in a couple of weeks, they want to schedule a c-section around 38 weeks. I told my doctor that we would discuss all of that when the time comes and until then I'm trying everything I can to get her to go head down. It doesn't matter what position baby boy is in, just baby girl since she leads the way. If I end up with a c-section, it will be my first and to be honest I'm very nervous about it. But that's all I'll say for now until I have any updates. I don't want to worry or stress over it now. I'm just so thankful that both babies are growing great and everything is going well.

I have my second NST monitoring tomorrow morning. Hoping for good results like last week. I also started packing my hospital bag, which is also new to me. With my home births, I didn't have to worry about packing anything. I'll probably finish up packing this week (hopefully!)

Until next time....

Surro-Mama Angela

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ultrasound Update!

I had my monthly ultrasound appointment today. As always, I was nervous right before going. It's not that I think anything is ever wrong, but because it's such a HUGE responsibility to carry someone's precious children, I'm always nervous before my appointments.

I Skyped with the papas, even though it was 1am there time they still stayed up to see their babies. After the ultrasound, my Dr. came in and talked with us. Baby girl is 3lbs, 10oz and baby boy is 3lbs, 12oz. She said their weights are great! Baby girl is back in breech position and baby boy is still transverse laying across my belly right under my breasts. That explains why I have to catch my breath at times, he's right on my diaphragm!

We have a good 4 weeks or so to get baby girl to move head down. As long as she's head down, I'm good to go for a vaginal delivery. If she's not head down by 35 weeks, we will schedule a c-section around 38 weeks. We will continue to check on her position each week. Crossing my fingers that she flips. I will be trying everything I can naturally to help her turn.

I start the Nonstress Test (NST) next week and will continue to do them every week until 36 weeks then it will be twice a week until the babies are born. It still amazes me how fast time is going. I can't believe I'll be 31 weeks on Thursday. My doctor thinks the time frame when the fathers arrive is good timing, I'll be 36w5d then. The goal is 38 weeks!

Cheers to another good appointment! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

30 weeks strong!

It's hard to believe that I'm 30 weeks along right now. It was just yesterday we transferred two embryos and now they are strong growing little babies. I have an ultrasound on Monday to check on the babies and their growth. I always get excited for my ultrasounds to see how the babies are doing. I also Skype with the papas during the appointment as well.

Yesterday I signed all the pre-birth documents and got that taken care of. My attorney kept mentioning having the babies at the end of November, which is crazy because it's NEXT month! When the father's arrive, I will be 36 weeks and 5 days along. It's hard to predict when these babies will make their appearance, but Brandon guessed they would come shortly arrived the papas arrive.

I sent the ladies at my agency an e-mail with a belly photo and an update. I also wanted to thank them again for matching me with a wonderful couple who we consider family now.

I will update again after our ultrasound on Monday. Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why I chose to be a surrogate and what it means to me.......

Photo taken 4/1/14 the day we transferred two beautiful babies into my uterus

This journey has been such an amazing learning experience so far. A lot of people who aren't familiar with surrogacy usually have a lot of questions or make assumptions, which at times can be very ignorant. The very deserving fathers that I am carrying for are from France, a country where surrogacy is not accepted. They have to constantly fight for their rights to have a family of their own. It breaks my heart to see such discrimination in our world. I never gave it a second thought to carry for a same sex couple. In my eyes, they are no different than myself and my husband. Love is love and they deserve to have their own family.

I decided to write this blog post about WHY I chose to be a surrogate and what it means to me.

After having three amazing children of my own, it truly makes you realize that we are on this earth to make a difference in some one's life. I knew that I wanted to help a couple in a extraordinary way so I looked into becoming a surrogate. A couple years of research and after having our last baby, I knew it was my time to help another family.

I don't take this journey lightly. One thing that means a lot to me is to have a close relationship with the parents. I want to be a part of their lives, not just for the 9 months I'm carrying their babies for but for a lifetime. I want to watch the children grow up, have them know who I am and that I helped their parents become a family. This means so much to me that it's difficult for me to find the words to describe how I feel, but I can tell you this.... I am SO proud to be a surrogate for two amazing people who are going to be incredible fathers to their babies. This has been far from easy for them and I know what a journey it has already been. I'm so happy to be heading into my 30th week of pregnancy with their babies.

With so many advancements and miraculous achievements our world has created and a country such as France with great accomplishments all throughout history, one can only hope that sooner rather than later one of the greatest medical achievements of modern science (in my opinion) would become just as normal and accepted as it should be.
The papas recorded a bed time story for them so they can hear their voices.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

29 weeks tomorrow!

This is why I don't blog, it's been over a month since I posted an update! Shame on me.

I'm happy to report that everything is going well so far. The babies are constantly moving around.

Last week I did the two hour Glucose Screening. After I drank the glucola drink, I felt like I needed to throw up. I kept gagging. Brandon had to grab me some water as we were waiting. I didn't want to start over again. Unfortunately my fasting glucose level was 95 and they want it at 93. My levels after drinking the glucola came back as passed both times. Now I have to poke my finger 4 times a day and monitor my blood sugar levels at home until I have the babies. Not going to lie, I'm not too thrilled about it but I'll do whatever I have to. Once I get in a routine, it's easy. So far my numbers have been good.

Only 55 days until the papas arrive to Portland! And 77 days from my due date, December 18th. Time is flying by with this pregnancy. Between all the appointments, the kids, and just being busy it's going by quickly.

At my last ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, both babies weighed over two pounds each and baby girl was head down and baby boy was still transverse right underneath my boobs. They still have a lot of time to move around. Hoping and praying that they both get in good positions to have a vaginal birth. As long as baby girl is head down, we're good to go!

I've been doing a lot of thinking on my birth plan and what I would like to decline etc. Hospital births are SO much different from home births. I'm learning a lot as I go. I'm excited that the papas would like to be in the room when their babies are born. I made sure to ask just in case. I wasn't sure if they would feel uncomfortable or not. I'm totally fine with it and I'm glad they are too. To see them meet their babies for the first time is going to be priceless! I can't wait!